Data Capture, Analysis & Actionable Insights

Reveal’s proprietary technology records, analyzes and – using sophisticated AI-based algorithms – provides actionable insights from F2F interactions, whether in-person or online. Using captured data sources and sentiment analysis, Reveal F2F contributes to greater understanding of the quality of customer interactions, resulting in better business performance and service.

How it works


Versatile indoor/outdoor capture capabilities with or without WiFi


Obtain real-time analytics at the touch of a button


The more data collected, the more valuable and precise the insights

Capturing on Any Device*:

  1. Download app
  2. Add identifying information
  3. Click the record button

*Reveal may be used on smart mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers and IoT devices.

Reveal Insights

Reveal F2F.AI Platform

Enterprise-grade SaaS platform with omnichannel capture, including F2F

Captures, analyzes and stores data under highest security in the cloud

Best quality interpretation capabilities over mobile devices for optimal analysis

Fully-compliant with enterprise data security, privacy and governance policies

Plug-and-play: simple to deploy, operate and scale-up. No maintenance required

Operates seamlessly with existing analytics, CRM and other technologies

Sends near real-time alerts based on keywords you assign

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