Reveal VoC Solution

Invite Customer Feedback

Reveal, the experts in Face-to-Face analytics, has developed the Voice of the Customer (VoC) app, empowering customers, patients, employees, etc. to be heard by conveying their feedback directly to service providers from their mobile devices! 

Automated processing of data enables your business to handle far more intelligence and service requests than manageable “pre-Reveal VoC”.

voc app

VoC App amplifies customers’ voices, providing your business valuable feedback for improving customer experience and service.

Automatic Value from Day One

Customer feedback is accumulated and automatically processed into business insights and statistics, providing ongoing value from Day One!

Ease of Deployment

A simple QR code may be scanned at participating businesses to encourage rapid feedback and interaction. Far simpler and more immediate and effective than an online survey, a customer service number or robo-calls.

Use Cases


Invite your customers to provide input in exchange for rewards. When customers feel they have input, they also feel ownership in the success and reputation of the business! Responsiveness to Voice of the Customer is at the heart of future success!

Healthcare Providers

Vastly improve patient follow-up and supervision by capturing the Patient’s Voice remotely, as needed, without appointments! Ideal for monitoring individual reactions to vaccinations and medications, as well as drug interactions among large populations over vast geographic areas. 

Market Researchers, Mystery Shoppers and Consultants

Collect larger samples of individual insights faster, more efficiently and economically than ever before possible. 

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