Reveal F2F.AI Enterprise Solution

Reveal’s AI-driven solution for capturing and analyzing face-to-face (F2F) interactions is the all-around best voice-capturing solution on the market today:

Reveal’s F2F.AI processes volumes of data into business insights that rapidly translate into financial and operational enhancements.

Great Insights without all the Hardware and Integration

F2F.AI is a fully-secured and encrypted SaaS solution, requiring no major equipment purchases, integration specialists or product adaptations. Instead, Reveal makes it easy to use your current devices, such as smart phones, tablets or other mobiles devices…and that’s it! The rest is in the solution itself – an automated system, producing valuable insights and correlations from collected data.

Use Cases


Listen to your customers on a daily basis to gain critical market feedback on your offerings, customer service, unmet demands and competition. The more service representatives engage in productive verbal communication with customers, the better your bottom line!

Healthcare Providers

Automate documentation of healthcare visits with the same digital security as manual typing…saving time and increasing efficiency! Enable medical professionals to invest their time in what they do best, while increasing accuracy and profitability. 

Market Researchers, Mystery Shoppers and Consultants

Volume of data and accuracy are two requisites of market research to make them worthwhile. Increase both practically overnight and you will be able to provide greater value to your clients than ever before. Manual interview documentation is not just passé, it’s wasteful!

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