Reveal Compares Customer Feedback to Pomegranate Seeds

On the day before the Jewish New Year, Reveal sent a holiday greeting comparing pomegranate seeds to the “sweet, juicy insights your customers share” with your business…saying you just need to know how to squeeze them to get the juice without the stains. Read on to learn how…!


Pick Ripe Fruit

Customers who are window shopping offer fewer insights than someone intent on making a purchase. Make the distinction before cultivating a conversation.


Peel Back Just Enough Rind to Allow the Juice to Flow

The act of selling is as much about collecting information as it is trying to convince someone to make a purchase.

It is important to engage customers in dialogue to generate information of value to your business. Ask questions, such as “How can I help you?”, “Why are you returning this merchandise today?”, or “Have you ever shopped our store before?”

Once you know who you are talking with and why, you can obtain far more intelligence than if you simply talk at your customer.


Deliberately Prepare to Collect the Juice

You know you have one opportunity to collect information from a customer, so you’d better use the right equipment to collect all that can be extracted: such as clear and detailed messages, demands and opinions; customer sentiment; key words; relevant data sets; etc.

If you are not using a solution that can catch “juice” from multiple angles, you might be setting yourself up to lose some of the project or even to make a big mess – which is a shame and a waste.


Apply Pressure Slowly

By extracting data slowly and deliberately, you will have the best control of the resulting “juice”! Engage customers! Communication is the best way to create satisfaction and to repair dissatisfaction, to cultivate loyalty and to size-up the competition.


Analyze the Product

As with any extract, it is important to verify the quality of the product, after the final drips of “juice” have been collected. Fortunately, Reveal’s F2F.AI enables rapid, automated analytics, ensuring that sweet, clear insights may be amalgamated and reviewed within minutes or hours, depending on the collection rate.



With Reveal’s enterprise-grade face-to-face analytics solution, companies and organizations can rapidly obtain vast quantities of customer feedback, in the form of consolidated insights. These data provide a healthy diet of business intelligence by which to make strategic decisions on an ongoing basis.


Stay Healthy!

Among the symbols used to represent the Jewish New Year, it has been said that the pomegranate offers good nutrition for the brain. Whether it is due to high Vitamin C content, or its association with abundance and fertility, is of no consequence. The point is, when you are blessed with abundance, manage it productively and enjoy the benefits of the “juice”!

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Reveal is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based SaaS platform that helps organizations capture essential data and produce relevant business insights from face-to-face (F2F) interactions, providing a comprehensive digital picture of business interactions and transactions.

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