Measuring Super Experience at the Supermarket

Measuring Super Experience at the Supermarket

Supermarkets, like other retailers, benefit by evaluating customer experience (CX). Here, margins may be small, but 1 cartful x 52 weeks = big annual revenues! Here are 3 ways supermarkets can evaluate CX with one robust, but simple customer experience analytics tool.

Reveal’s face-to-face, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution, F2F.AI, offers hands-free capture of interactions and transactions, assessment of customer satisfaction and real-time customer feedback. The combination of Reveal’s automated, objective playback, key words, customer sentiment and smart actionable insights, may be used for a wide range of applications, including CX evaluation, revenue-generation intelligence, bias management, and a host of other applications within the supermarket.

Here are three favorite applications:

Mystery Shopping for Stock and Service Evaluations

Though supermarkets don’t seem customer-service intensive, they are! Shoppers who visit a supermarket typically interact with the staff behind the bakery, cheese, meat and/or fish counters, as well as with a cashier (this is changing with self-check-out).

When stores want to know how they and their staff are doing… they hire Mystery Shoppers to shop as customers, while interacting with service providers and evaluating overall CX.

To bring true value to supermarket management, Mystery Shoppers use Reveal’s F2F.AI to capture interactions and produce analytics – freeing them to focus on their mission; with all the commotion at the check-out line, important insights may otherwise be lost before recording them.

The automated processing of these experiences enables supermarket chains to evaluate similar parameters at one store or many, providing data to compare between stores, as well as a comprehensive view of service and inventory management, from the customers’ point-of-view.

Monitoring POS Promotions

Most supermarkets insist their cashiers offer customers product specials at the point of sale (POS). Brands pay handsomely to have their products promoted personally by the cashiers, and may even offer bonuses to those who succeed.

Unfortunately, supermarkets cannot be certain their cashiers are promoting the specials, sticking to a recommended / required sales pitch or, worse still, recommending competing products, while a brand is paying for a promotion.

Reveal’s F2F.AI is used to evaluate all of these parameters without disrupting the cashiers’ routine in the least! The tool benefits the brands promoted, the supermarket and the cashiers themselves, for a win-win-win proposition!

Analyzing Voice of the Customer (VoC)

The old-fashioned method of surveying shoppers with pen and clipboard is passé! Recording devices are now often used, but manual transcription is costly and insights hard to compile.

With Reveal’s F2F.AI, professional market surveyors can capture the VoC automatically and immediately, sending the results to headquarters at the end of the survey. Real-time analysis ensures customers are heard and responsiveness is swift.

With F2F.AI, service personnel behind the counters, at the register or making deliveries can gather VoC, without any interference to their routine. The system is so small and easy to use in any face-to-face interaction, it is hard find an excuse not to use it!

Thanks to Reveal’s F2F.AI solution, survey results are straight from the customer, without filters or falters…precise and unaltered.

Reveal’s F2F.AI solution is so simple to use, it provides supermarkets the ability to collect customer experience feedback and to make improvements quickly, effectively and profitably.


How would you use F2F.AI in your supermarket chain? Let us know and don’t forget to ask for a demo!

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