Customer Journey Solution

Reveal the Blind Spot in Customer Journey

Businesses today capture and analyze customers’ every call and click, whether for consumer protection, quality control or training purposes. Only face-to-face (F2F) interactions are not monitored…as a result, in-person feedback is the critical blind spot in monitoring Customer Journey.

Best Meetings are F2F

F2F interactions between customers and service representatives can provide businesses more and different insights than calls or clicks, particularly because they mostly occur when customers enter businesses they are open to supporting. Also, human interaction employs body language to convey important information, including customer sentiment. 

Automatic Value from Day One

With Reveal, Customer feedback is accumulated and automatically processed into business insights and statistics, providing increasing value from the moment you begin monitoring data. While you will learn about Customer Journey, you will also discover hidden insights leading your business to better marketing, service and operational practices.   

Valuable F2F CX Feedback

Revenue Generation Intelligence

learn what customers want and don’t want, and how you can enrich their experiences to cultivate long-term, loyal customers.

Customer Service Monitoring

help your sales and service teams enhance their skills to foster customer satisfaction… improving their success and your business’ success.

Compliance & Risk Management

ensure customers (and staff) are in compliance with laws and regulations to reduce risk to your business’ reputation and bottom line.

Bias Management & Inclusion

use technology to help staff become aware of their own biases to prevent them from offending customers and colleagues, ensuring an inclusive environment.

Sales Pitch Evaluation & Fine-tuning

share successful sales tactics and pitches to enhance overall sales performance and customer experience.

Competitive Intelligence

leverage opportunities to learn from customers; they frequently offer competitive insights that can help you improve customer satisfaction.

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