Companies Routinely Snub Valued Customers

Skeleton holding on the phone and a recording says "Your call is vey important to us...Please continue to hold..."

Listen-up! Your recording says “Your call is important to us,” and then you make me hold for 1 hour of my precious time…but never answer. I have important complaints, ideas and compliments, but can’t get through to you without getting frustrated! My advice: Your business needs Reveal VoC!


My Experience is Important to You

I have literally written this entire blog while holding on the line for my credit card company.

They have this amazing tool for helping customers prepare their budgets, which categorizes each of my charged expenses. The problem is that they mistakenly categorize numerous recurring expenses, which renders the budgeting tool useless. All I want to know is if there is a way I can re-categorize a recurring expense to ensure my monthly budgeting is more accurate. This would save me the time and trouble of manually adjusting the same expenses every month in the downloadable Excel file.

I want to be able to push a button, explain my problem and suggestion, and get the feedback I need in the most appropriate way possible, as soon as possible.

Instead, I wait and get angry.

However, my credit card company “has higher traffic than usual and will appreciate my patience….”


The Solution: Listen to my Voice

Although my credit card company is still playing music in my ear, I have a great solution to the problem, which I am going to share with everyone: Get Reveal VoC and let customers be heard!

Reveal VoC is an app that enables me to push “Record” and send your business my voice – and my voice is worth a lot of money!

My idea can save your customers (me) time holding on the phone. It can save you the damaged reputation caused by justifiably miserable, impatient customers. And, it can provide you with rapid, automated insights about customer journey that can help you fine-tune your company into a more efficient, more profitable, customer-serving business.


Automated CX and Operational Insights

Reveal’s VoC solution is the smartest investment your business can make – especially if you already have a call center and analytics capabilities, like my credit card company does.

Here are the merits of Reveal VoC, delivered as quickly and simply as I’d like you to communicate with me:

  • Customer voice capturing
  • SaaS solution
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple to use
  • Quick, automated insights
  • Operational executive dashboard
  • Very high ROI


We Customers are Out of Patience

Just so we’re all on the same page, this credit card company, my bank, my telco and others track everything about me automatically. Yet, when I want my voice to be heard, I must hold the line forever (now 48 minutes). I have other things to do and places to go…but I’ll lose my place in line if I don’t stick with it, and they know this.

They tell me if I don’t want to wait, I can manage everything from their website. My blood boils. “Hey, if I could find the answer to my question on your web site, I wouldn’t be calling!”

Clearly, businesses cut customer service staffing and make us hold, so they can make more money. Yes, the interruptions of Work from Home staff and absence of staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic are real. But really?!

I think of my mother, now in her 80s, trying to cope with the technology…and not being able to reach customer service. How nasty can these businesses be to put her through this?!

Most of us are so busy we can’t find quality time to read, play with the kids or cook a healthy meal, too often because we are holding on the line for a Customer Service person who is not responsible for the delay in service…it’s the responsibility of Operations, Customer Experience, CEOs.

Today, I am writing a blog about how businesses say they care, then show they don’t…so I am making quality use of this time. But, I’m fed up!


My Two Cents on Averting Your CX Crisis

Well, I’ve said my part and, after an hour of “patience”, I hang up. I can’t reach my credit card company to address my brief question, which is likely relevant to others using the budgeting program.

Is it possible that you have customers who have similar experiences trying to communicate with you? If so, contact Reveal for more information…and a quick pilot. There is a much better way to listen to the Voice of your Customers!

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