Companies Routinely Snub Valued Customers

Skeleton holding on the phone and a recording says "Your call is vey important to us...Please continue to hold..."

Listen-up! Your recording says “Your call is important to us,” and then you make me hold for 1 hour of my precious time…but never answer. I have important complaints, ideas and compliments, but can’t get through to you without getting frustrated! My advice: Your business needs Reveal VoC!   My Experience is Important to You […]

Reveal Compares Customer Feedback to Pomegranate Seeds

On the day before the Jewish New Year, Reveal sent a holiday greeting comparing pomegranate seeds to the “sweet, juicy insights your customers share” with your business…saying you just need to know how to squeeze them to get the juice without the stains. Read on to learn how…!   Pick Ripe Fruit Customers who are […]

CX Guru’s Webinar Distills: How AI Impacts Face-to-Face Customer Experience

Robert M Keay at SOA AWARDS

Robert M. Keay hosted a recent webinar focused on the “Golden Zone”, where customers and businesses meet to generate loyalty and revenues– critical to catching up on pandemic losses – and the technological advances fueling improvements in F2F engagements.   Monitoring Face-to-Face CX is Essential Robert M. Keay, International CX Guru, Author, Founder and CEO […]

Measuring Super Experience at the Supermarket

Measuring Super Experience at the Supermarket

Supermarkets, like other retailers, benefit by evaluating customer experience (CX). Here, margins may be small, but 1 cartful x 52 weeks = big annual revenues! Here are 3 ways supermarkets can evaluate CX with one robust, but simple customer experience analytics tool. Reveal’s face-to-face, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution, F2F.AI, offers hands-free capture of interactions and […]

How Employers Can Help Employees Address Deep-Seated Biases

The trial of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s death reminds us: individual biases may have serious consequences for Employers and Employees.   Harboring Biases is Bad Business Employers do their best to establish policies that reduce the chances of illegal discrimination – the kind that results in unfair or unequal treatment based on who / […]

Insurance Industry <br>Pandemic Recovery Advice is ‘Reveal-ing’

The Insurance Industry can reposition by incorporating new digital technologies and improving customer experience. Here are a few tips. The Pandemic and Financial Pandemonium Consider for a moment that you are the Chief Revenue Officer of a leading Insurance Agency, responsible for year-over-year revenue increases. The world has been in the midst of a pandemic […]

Shopping Undercover: Increasing the Value of Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers

Their mission is to report their “objective” findings as precisely as possible, with the job demanding excellent communication skills, discretion…and memory. “Her Name is on the Tip of My Tongue…” Mystery Shoppers are sent undercover to service businesses with a mission of evaluating staff performance, customer behavior, cleanliness, and various measures of service, satisfaction and […]

Transitions are Ideal for Employing Reveal

Now, organizations can automatically, using AI, gain deeper insights from F2F interactions to assist in transitions – whether welcoming a new acquisition, new staff or a new promotional campaign.  As the United States swears-in a new President, the timing is perfect to talk about the value of having the right tools to manage transitions…like Reveal […]