Breakthrough: Face-to-Face Analytics

“This Call is Being Recorded for Quality Control Purposes. But Don’t Expect Quality Control When You Visit our Stores…”

Have you ever stopped to ask why call center calls are recorded “for quality control purposes”? Today, after customers log into a banking or shopping site, each chat, bot, click, email, message and contact form is captured, analyzed and saved.

However, when customers visit the bank, the supermarket, their insurance broker or a local retailer, there is no recording – supposedly because it violates their privacy?! What makes online or on-call privacy different from in-person?

And if privacy is an issue, why do nearly all businesses capture calls, clicks and chats?

Why Companies Capture and Analyze

The answers may be found by analyzing WHY businesses capture and analyze customer interactions and transactions in the first place:

  • Federal regulations require the capture of online and on-call transactions in order to increase transparency and consumer protection; failure to comply with this requirement can be very costly. Simultaneously, companies can also then monitor compliance with policies and procedures and standards of social justice. [FYI: until now, regulations do not require recording and analysis of in-store transactions….]
  • Customer demand for ever-improving personalization, service and customer experience, contribute to customer satisfaction, and, as a result, sales. Recording and analysis provides companies the information they need to improve their offerings and delivery to customers.
  • Business incentives – namely Revenue Generation Intelligence, Customer Feedback and Competitive Intelligence – as well as operational improvements and new / ongoing staff training are all significantly improved by ‘listening to the customer’.

Clearly, businesses of all sorts are predicated on the successful interaction between the company and the customer. In some industries, such as healthcare and banking, the customer engages in a dialogue with a representative of the business. In retail, however, not so much; it is a silent dialogue, which can produce great disappointment if the customer is not heard and the business does not satisfy.

Data capture and analysis contributes to both the customer and the company, for a win-win relationship.

Simple, Robust and Depersonalized…or Not

Initial efforts to digitize customer interactions with companies have succeeded in contact centers, on web sites and social media. As mentioned, everything captured is digitized and analyzed: bots, chats, emails, clicks and calls and other digital channels.

Until now, face-to-face has been difficult to integrate for technical reasons. Most solutions have been built on legacy systems that require challenging integration to ensure high-quality: 1) play back, 2) transcription, 3) machine learning and 4) analytics. These obstacles are only now being overcome.

Reveal is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that can be deployed in minutes, as opposed to alternative solutions requiring costly equipment, integration and maintenance.

Data may be collected and analyzed, providing the ever-critical actionable insights businesses require, without identifying the speaker or violating privacy. In instances where the identity of the customer is critical to documentation, transparency and consumer/patient protection, it is possible to save recordings and transcripts just like in existing call centers, medical records, etc.

Better Customer Journeys Begin Face-to-Face

The market potential for analyzing face-to-face interactions and transactions is enormous.

In addition to its obvious use in retail shopping, where F2F analytics may be used for enhancing new employee training, it may also be used for mystery shopping, market research and performance evaluations. All customer-facing businesses hungry for revenue generation can benefit from Reveal’s F2F Analytics solution: banks, insurance companies, financial advisors; healthcare providers; hospitality businesses and telcos; as well as all advisors and consultants to these companies. And why not in educational spheres where self-evaluation is as essential for improvement as supervision?

What F2F analytics applications you can imagine…? We’d love to hear from you!



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Reveal is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based SaaS platform that helps organizations capture essential data and produce relevant business insights from face-to-face (F2F) interactions, providing a comprehensive digital picture of business interactions and transactions.

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