Breakthrough: Face-to-Face Analytics

“This Call is Being Recorded for Quality Control Purposes. But Don’t Expect Quality Control When You Visit our Stores…” Have you ever stopped to ask why call center calls are recorded “for quality control purposes”? Today, after customers log into a banking or shopping site, each chat, bot, click, email, message and contact form is […]

Missing Revenue Generation Intelligence…And it’s Right in Front of You

“Do you really see me when I visit your business? Why aren’t you listening?” You record and analyze your customer interactions on calls and online – including video, page visits, chats, bots and social media. But when your customer puts on their shoes and journeys from their home to your business…you don’t listen! What I […]

Financial Sector’s No-Action Position = Vulnerability during COVID-19

Social distancing challenges your institution to know your customer (KYC) face-to-face. The good news is your bank, financial advisory or brokerage will not be fined by the authorities if you don’t record calls between your agents and customers, because your team is working from home and cannot record and save calls. The bad news is […]