8 Ways to Hit the X in CX FACE-TO-FACE

Do you want to Improve Customer Experience?! Do you want to Improve Revenues?! Of course the answer is an emphatic “YES!!!” The solution is simpler and more affordable than you think! In an age when every call and click is monitored, remember: the most important interaction we can monitor is in-person, Face-to-Face (F2F). Reveal’s F2F.AI is all you need to hit the spot in Customer Experience to make your business more profitable.


In a Changing World, We Must Listen Better

Customer Experience is evolving as our world changes around us: the pandemic has changed the economy, purchasing habits, fashions, priorities, opinions, relationships and so much more!

How can you possibly know what customers want if they don’t tell you? How can customers tell you if you are not asking and listening? Reveal’s F2F.AI solution helps you do both.

Here are 8 affordable ways to truly listen to your Audience and improve Customer Experience, particularly when you have the most control over your interactions: face-to-face. At the same time, you will make more money in less time, based on actual intelligence, by capturing and automatically receiving analyses of F2F interactions and transactions!


  1. Complete the digital picture of Customer Journey with F2F

Let’s face it, companies everywhere are monitoring and analyzing every conversation with their call center and every online interaction. Businesses have statistics for the duration of every page viewed, every click, every purchase…whether price, brand or quality is most important to each customer. Companies observe their customers’ journeys remotely…but only the most successful companies bother to do so in-person.

Reveal’s F2F.AI solution is designed to complete the digital picture of customer journey, by capturing and analyzing the most important and influential interactions: F2F. These data may then be integrated with all others to provide a 360° view of your customers’ experience.

BTW, don’t be naïve about confidentiality issues. If you inform your customers that “Customer interactions may be recorded for quality control purposes,” you will join the ranks of successful chains, like Apple Store, which have been doing this for years!


  1. Train your team to interact with customers by asking questions YOU want to have answered.

If you could ask customers, patients or constituents anything, what would you want them to share with you? These are precisely the questions you must train your team to ask.

Ask questions that lead to discussions, providing maximum information about the business at hand, whether about your merchandise or service, their preferences and priorities, etc.

Using Reveal’s AI-based technology, you can track key words and gain ever-improving insights into what your customers want…and don’t want.


  1. Monitor sales pitches of staff to learn what types of interactions lead to sales.

Whether you have a few branches or dozens, you can use Reveal’s F2F.AI solution to identify the winning sales pitches of your top agents, and to share that ‘special sauce’ with your other agents.

With the help of high-quality transcriptions, you can help transform your sales staff into a much more competitive, profitable and successful team.

Just look at your sales results and track the interactions of the most successful team members. Using Reveal, you can monitor the progress of your sales force in learning and delivering the new scripts and striving toward better performance.


  1. Evaluate the relationship between Sales and Service – one generating money, the other loyalty.

Take a much closer look into the time spent by your staff on sales vs. service to better understand how each contributes to the bottom line. Both functions contribute to the longevity and success of your business, so both are necessary; by monitoring these factors by agent, location, region, etc., you can gain valuable insights, leading to a happy balance between the two.

F2F.AI makes it easy to examine by segment, time period, activity, etc. Business analytics have never been so easy or helpful!!!


  1. Listen carefully for market and competitive information.

The best way to plan is to look ahead and analyze market trends. These have a major impact on customer preferences and competitive forces that could, tomorrow, either help or hurt your business. Listen carefully to your customer, constituent or patient, and glean pearls of intelligence about where you may want to invest your efforts and resources going forward.

Businesses can search by key words or competitors’ names to learn more about the market from those who are in the know!


  1. Find out what’s broken, missing or messed-up.

Criticism is not a bad thing. When customers tell you that your service is lousy, the wait was too long, a technical error could not be easily resolved, etc., it gives your business an opportunity to make changes that will improve your product and/or service. The faster you receive feedback – whether good or bad – the faster you can make improvements or repeat the positive behavior to ensure customer satisfaction.

MAKE NOTE: Reveal recognizes the incredible value of Voice of the Customer (Patient / Constituent / Target Audience) and devised its powerful AI-based VoC App, which empowers customers to be heard so quickly that businesses can resolve issues before they damage valuable customer relationships…or even worse, the company’s good name.


  1. Evaluate bias in the workplace – among staff and customers.

Can your business sustain the backlash of being labeled as ‘racially biased’? Most urban businesses would not. So how could you prevent such an accusation? Monitor bias in your workplace. Find out whether issues related to race, religion, gender, etc. are raised in any manner that could be detrimental to the company’s relationships with its customers or staff. Analyze the context of such issues when raised. Learn whether there is a social issue at hand or an individual whose views are a risk for your business’ reputation.

Using Reveal, such an evaluation is automated and discreet, so management can resolve issues before they become a problem.


  1. Monitor compliance with laws, policies and procedures and best practices.

On television, we have witnessed endless actors playing police officers reading a newly captured suspect their “Miranda rights” upon arrest. Failure to do so has consequences (anything the suspect says may not be used against them as evidence at trial). Every business must abide by laws, policies, procedures and best practices to protect the consumer, the business, their relationship and the laws of the land. Failure to do so may impact the business, as much as the person violating these rules.

Examples include providing a receipt for every financial transaction; describing a procedure fully to a patient and gaining consent before it is conducted; refraining from all forms of discrimination; and only allowing authorized personnel to perform certain tasks, such as requiring a pharmacist to authorize every prescription drug dispensed, although assisted by trained personnel.

A business can protect its reputation, staff and customers by monitoring such compliance-related interactions, preventing violations and proving responsibility by virtue of the fact they are monitoring face-to-face interactions and transactions.


Reveal’s AI-driven solution for capturing and analyzing face-to-face (F2F) interactions is the all-around best voice-capturing solution on the market today. Learn more here.

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Reveal is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based SaaS platform that helps organizations capture essential data and produce relevant business insights from face-to-face (F2F) interactions, providing a comprehensive digital picture of business interactions and transactions.

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